To become a centre of excellence where pharmaceutical & consumer healthcare companies meet all their marketing needs globally.

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Global Pharma Access & Partners (GPAP) strives for Excellence, Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Dedication and Professionalism in every step of its action.

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Our Business

Our main objective is to provide our clients with pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare marketing and distribution services of the highest quality needed for them to access and succeed in Nigeria and rest of Africa market.

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GPAP Services

We provide the following services to help our clients access and succed in Nigeria and rest of Africa market.

Market Research

We conduct market research and design entering strategy for our clients

Product Registration

We provide product registration services for our clients not directly present in the region.

Marketing & Promotion

We provide product promotion and marketing services as well as portfolio management for our clients

Sales & Distribution

Sales and distribution of our clients' products through our various partners in the region

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About GPAP

Centre of Innovation, Professionalism and Excellence

Global Pharma Access & Partners (GPAP) is one of the leading service providers for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and consumer health companies that are seeking to access and operate in Nigeria and the rest of Africa market. We provide our clients with services that include market analysis, product registration, marketing, sales and distribution, consulting, as well as in-licensing for a large spectrum of pharmaceutical and consumer health companies. Through our market access initiatives, we help both public and private sector to improve access to quality and affordable medicine in the region.

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