Who we are

Centre of Innovation, Professionalism and Excellence

Global Pharma Access & Partners (GPAP) is one of the leading service providers for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and consumer health companies that are seeking to access and operate in Nigeria and the rest of Africa market. We provide our clients with services that include market analysis, product registration, marketing, sales and distribution, consulting, as well as in-licensing for a large spectrum of pharmaceutical and consumer health companies. Through our market access initiatives, we help both public and private sector to improve access to quality and affordable medicine in the region.

GPAP currently focused on Nigeria and other Africa markets through her strategic partners. We obtain licenses for various pharmaceutical products on behalf of our several clients who do not want to be directly present in the region. We allow such clients hold the marketing authorization for their products where the regulation permits it. But where the regulation does not permit it, we hold such marketing authorization in trust for such clients pending when they decide on direct presence in the region. We conduct market analysis and design entering strategy for them. The operational strategy is designed in such a way as to minimise investment risk for the market. We promote and market their products as well as actively involved in the distribution of the products through our strategic partners in the entire region.

Our unique blend of innovation and marketing proficiency through our team of professionals provide stable platform for our long term commitment to our clients thereby resulting to mutual benefit.


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