What We Offer

Global Pharma Access & Partners (GPAP) main objective is to provide our clients with pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare business services of the highest quality needed for them to access and succeed in Nigeria and rest of Africa market. Our vision is to become a centre of excellence where pharmaceutical and consumer health companies meet all their market need globally. We provide the following services to help our clients meet such need:

Market Research

We conduct market analysis and design entering strategy for our clients

Product Registration

Provide product registration services for our clients not directly present in the region

Marketing & Promotion

Provide product promotion and marketing services as well as portfolio management for our clients

Sales & Distribution.

We provide sales and distribution services for our client’s products through our various partners in the region

In-licencing & Contract Manufacturing

We broker in-licencing, contract manufacturing and brand acquisition deals for clients

Business Re-engineering

We provide business continuity plan and re-engineer our client’s dwindling products or portfolio in the market

Access Initiative

We provide access initiative for improving accessibility and affordability to quality medicine in both public and private sector.

We source good and affordable talents with skills and experience necessary to drive our clients’ products to succeed in the market. Our clients’ success is our priority.

Before allowing client access Nigeria and rest of Africa markets, we do a proper a market research, design entering strategy and operation modalities, do a detail risk analysis and profile ways to mitigate such risk in the event of eventuality. These help us advise our clients on the strategic options available.

After agreeing on the strategic options, we embark on aggressive product registration in behalf our client. Such registrations are pursued within time line design for the products to be launched in the market. Our client may either hold the marketing authorisation or we hold the marketing authorization in trust for them depending on the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) regulatory provisions for the country of interest.

As for the operational modalities, marketing, sales and distribution of the products, we have flexible options that is usually laid on the table before our clients. We adopt option mutually agreed upon and remain committed to it. We have structures and partners formidable enough to entrench the products in Nigeria and rest of Africa market.

Having briefed you of our services, it is our desire to partner you and provide a platform for the success of your products in Nigeria and rest of Africa market. You can mail us at info@globalpharmaaccess.com


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